Celebrate:  Your Relationship With God

At Westline, we celebrate both as a Community and individually what God is doing in our lives and in our church.  Above anything else, our desire is that your life would be transformed by the grace of God in Jesus. We believe that as you experience the good news of Jesus your life will become a reflection of Him in your neighborhood, your city, and the world. Our hope is that you would hear from God everyday and respond with a passionate obedience.

Connect:  Your Relationship With The Church

We believe it is vital to connect with other Christ-followers to grow spiritually, build friendships, and experience genuine community.  We believe God calls all of us to experience life in close relationship with others. Life is full of ups and downs, and we were never meant to go alone. At Westline Church our small groups are an opportunity for people to grow in their relationship with God (celebrate), experience life together (Connect), and to live out the mission of Jesus with others (Contribute).

Contribute:  Your Relationship With The World

Contributing is about being generous with our time, talents, passions and resources to further Jesus’ mission in this world.  Our dream for Westline is that we would become a movement. A movement of people sent by God to be a light to our neighborhoods, our city, and the world as we live out the good news of Jesus. May our city know we exist – not just because of a building or programs – but because of God’s impact on the world and our community through us.